Mad Men 60'
The world of the "Mad Men" and the glory of the mid 20th century.
A random collection of architecture, interior design, automobile design, military, music, fashion, politics, advertising and a little Mad Men now and then.
Mad Men 60'
Album Art
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Album Art
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Subject: 1959 Dodge Advertisement
Illustrator: Researching
Source: House Beautiful, October 1958
Note: Automobile design by Virgil Exner
Subject: GIF image from the TV series Mad Men
Actors: John Slattery as Roger Sterling
Episode: Tale of Two Cities 
Season: 6
Subject: Frank Sinatra boarding his Learjet with Dean Martin.
Photographer: John Bryson
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Subject: Plaza of the Seagram’s Building
Architect(s):  Mies van der Rohe & Phillip Johnson
Location: 375 Park Ave, New York City, New York
Photographer: Ezra Stoller
Subject: Concord SST arriving at JFK International Airport
Location. New York City, NY USA
Photographer: Researching
Source: The New York Times - March 3,1969