Mad Men 60'
The world of the "Mad Men" and the glory of the mid 20th century.
A random collection of architecture, interior design, automobile design, military, music, fashion, politics, advertising and a little Mad Men now and then.
Mad Men 60'
Subject: Still from the TV Series “Mad Men”- Don Draper (Jon Hamm) Reviewing advertisements (of note Oldsmobile Toronado Ad) 
Episode: DARK SHADOWS (Season 5 // Episode 8)
Source: AMC
Illustrator: Rene Gruau
Title: Manhattan Rush-Hour
Media: gouache and pencil on paper, two sheets  15¾ x 11 7/8 in. (40 x 32.9 cm.) each sheet  signed by the illustrator. 
Source: Christie’s Auction House Catalog
Subject: 1957 Imperial - Crown Imperial Le Baron Limousine - Custom Built by Ghia of Italy.
Designer: Virgil Exner
Photographer: Unknown - Chrysler Corp Staff
Source: Archives of Chrysler Corporation
Photographer: Clifford Coffin
Model: Suzy Parker
Source Vogue Magazine July 1955
Subject: White Owl Cigar Advertisement 
Photographer: William Helburn
Model: Unknown
Source: Esquire Magazine September 1963
Subject: New York Airways Sikorsky Helicopter landing at the Pan Am Building heliport.  
Location: New York City, New York
Photographer: Researching
Album Art
34 plays 
Subject: Kuppenheimer “Creslan” suit advertisement.
Illustrator: J. Dickerson
Source: Esquire Magazine September, 1960
Subject: British Airways “Concord” taking off. 
Location: London, England